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Why not come on Air with your products?

Let our experienced presenters guide you all the way.

Are you a supplier with interesting products – that you want more shoppers to see, choose and enjoy owning – then you need to be talking to us at

Maybe you are a small and medium sized business looking for new and more engaging ways to market your products and reach more customers?

Maybe you have a great product that is selling well, but you are interested in working with us because you are interested in adding online TV shopping to your marketing mix?

Maybe you have a product that you would like bring to the attention of the shoppers visiting us at Totally Shopping TV?

Here at Totally Shopping TV your products are available to buy from our online shop, plus some of your products may feature in a Totally Shopping TV programme.

Once we have got to know about you and your products, we would list your products in the Totally Shopping TV online shop.  Once they are available to buy from the shop, we could then offer you a unique opportunity to showcase what’s special about your products in a Totally Shopping TV programme.

One of our experienced shopping TV presenters would present the products and their story – with all the information needed for shoppers to buy your products displayed on the screen (including item codes and prices). There is also the option of a representative of your company being interviewed in the live programme about your products, their features, and anything interesting about your business story, which would engage with customers watching and visiting our online TV shopping store.

Once the TV programme is ready, it will be uploaded onto the Totally Shopping TV website, so people seeing your products displayed in the online shop have the added benefit of also seeing your products introduced on TV! Plus your products are available to buy and be seen 24 hours per day x 7 days per week on our innovative ‘Catchup TV’ facility, available to anyone in the world with an internet connection! If customers like what they see and are convinced of the enjoyment owning the products we offer will give them and others – then they can choose to buy from our online shop - anytime.

We have already started sourcing lots of amazing products and visiting many trade shows to identify great products and suppliers. If you think we should know about your products and think they should be on – please contact us now.

The criteria we have, for suppliers and their products, include that:

-        you have a registered company which is already trading

-        you have a proven track record of successfully fulfilling orders which are sent directly to customers in the UK and are able to deliver internationally

-        your products meet all legally required UK standards of production and safety

-         you are able to reserve a pre-agreed level of stock for an agreed period of time (usually 30 days)

We look forward to hearing from you and having your exciting products available for shoppers to buy anytime on

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