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'Please note that the prices and stock of items shown in the programmes were correct at the time of filming, but may have changed. The current price and availability will be confirmed at checkout'


There are a few ways to find and watch our Totally Shopping TV programmes which are available on our Catchup facility for you to view all day, every day, where ever you are in the world with an internet connection. 

- You can see what programmes are available to watch  by clicking the Catchup TV Menu Bar.

- Also, if you click the 'Shop Now' button on the main menu bar at the top of the page - and choose one of the Product Category pages - you will find the TV programmes we have made which feature products in that particular category.

We'll be regularly adding new products to our online Shop and making TV programmes which feature some of the products in our online Shop. So you have two great ways to see our product range -  in the Shop - and in our Totally Shopping TV programmes.

The TV programmes are an entertaining way to know more about the products in our Shop, and engage with the interesting 'stories' behind many of the items as our presenters interview suppliers and guests, and showcase selections of the featured products. 

Our TV programmes are professionally filmed in HD quality, so you can sit back and comfortably watch them online on any size screen - - on your mobile on the go - or relaxing at home in front of a supersized TV!  

So why not start now - by watching one of the Collectables TV programmes? You'll see some great products to choose from - and find lots of reasons to buy the items, which will give you - or the friends and family you are buying for - lots of enjoyment.

See - Choose - Enjoy!

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